R.M. Hendrix defies the season, unveils ‘Summer Dresses’ video

Boston artist releases new single + visual February 26


R.M. Hendrix’s new LP ‘Shamblegloss’ set for March 5 physical release (hitting streams March 12)

Listen to ‘Summer Dresses’ ahead of the video release

Remade. Remixed. Reloaded. R.M. Hendrix style.

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Shamblegloss, the new album from R.M. Hendrix, is all about taking something old and making it new again. For the LP’s latest single, this Friday’s “Summer Dresses,” which hits with a music video shot and edited by the Boston artist and musician himself, the release takes him back nearly a decade. 

“This is the song that first got me noticed in Boston,” Hendrix says. 

It was April 2012, and the beautifully noisy and pop-hooked “Summer Dresses” made the rounds across both local and national media. The Boston Phoenix called it "dream-pop fuzz for people just itching to get the f**k outside” and noted that it “wouldn’t be out of place on a beat-up Maxell mixtape alongside early New Order and the Jesus & Mary Chain." 

17 Seconds chimed in with equal praise: "Combines the best of The Cure, New Order, shoegaze, tweepop/c-86, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and reaches for the skies like a rocket built on no budget but a sky-high amount of ambition and reaches it." 

And 32ft/sec threw down a blog gauntlet: “Sonically, much is borrowed from twee-rock bands like Pains of Being Pure At Heart and fellow, sepia-toned, reverb dealers, Letting Up Despite Great Faults. ‘Summer Dresses is an ode to tanned, browned knees, grass-stained feet and a guitar line that bobs forever in the surf like some lost, entirely fecund Robert Smith demo tape.” 

It’s also one of the defining tracks of Hendrix’s catalogue, of which he has reached back to for Shamblegloss, a collection of songs with re-recorded drums, studio remix treatment, and an extra polish curated at Somerville’s Q Division.  

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Despite New England being entrapped in its typical late-February winter freeze, the release of “Summer Dresses” is springlike in its lush guitarwork and daydreamer vibes. But Hendrix, forever an artist of the moment, capitalized on the winter scenes around his Massachusetts residence in crafting the track’s music video. 

“This was so ridiculously fun to make,” Hendrix says. “About three weeks ago we had a massive snowstorm. I’d been thinking about a video for this song for a long time and had been playing with stock footage but was unhappy with it. When the storm came the idea for the video clicked and I knew we could film shenanigans and create a storyline. No guitars were harmed in the making of this video.” 

Check out screengrabs from the video below; all are available for press use, credit to R.M. Hendrix. 

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‘Shamblegloss’ fact sheet

  • R.M. Hendrix’s new record, Shamblegloss, drops on streaming services March 12;

  • The first single, “Morning Complaints,” released on Bandcamp January 26 and includes a limited edition art print designed by Hendrix. New single “Summer Dresses” out February 26;

  • Shamblegloss follows R.M.Hendrix’s critically acclaimed experimental album, War Is On Its Way, released in September 2020;

  • Shamblegloss is a mixtape of new and old tracks, remixed, remastered and reverbed.

  • Preorder for cassette, vinyl and CD began February 5;

  • File under: shoegaze/noise pop;

Recent media praise for R.M. Hendrix

“A little weird, not quite on the beat and a bit mixed up, but that’s exactly what we love about this track. What is introduced quite melodically develops into a cool mix of fresh alternative rock and shoegaze with an emphasis on electric guitars. A straight track with pure harmonies would be boring, but this song breaks some “harmonic rules” and that’s what makes it really interesting. In addition to the energetic vocals, it is above all the guitar solos that set the tone and ensure a good variety in the arrangement.” _Berlin On Air (Germany)

“The perfect blend of power-pop and shoegaze, that so many acts get so wrong, but Hendrix has made his own. I have recently opined all power-pop becoming so very middle-aged. Hendrix drags it kicking and screaming back into today!!!” _Jangle Pop Hub (South Africa)

“Incorporating elements of psychedelic rock and noise-pop, Hendrix delivers his trademark shoegaze sound through melancholic lyricism, dictating social issues and injustices, yet maintaining constant melody and tuneful exuberance.” _Middle Eight (UK)