Tim Kile serves up ‘My Medicine’

The former Wild Light and Arcade Fire co-founder delivers  a personal dose of indie-pop


Photo Credit: Sam Stambaugh

Tim Kile serves up ‘My Medicine’


The former Wild Light and Arcade Fire co-founder delivers  a personal dose of indie-pop on February 17

The fifth and latest single from this spring’s debut album These Are Things Being Gathered for the Fire

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Depression is hard to spot. It’s often hidden, tucked away in a person’s inner life, obscured by smiles and seeming normalcy that belie the trouble. “My Medicine” is the new single from Austin singer-songwriter Tim Kile, a bubbly indie-pop track with lush, glowing instrumentation bursting from the speakers with the confidence of springtime, but under the surface we find the Arcade Fire and Wild Light co-founder exploring a darker subject.     

“There are a few different ways I think about the song’,” says Kile. “One is very literal and direct. I suffer from massive, debilitating depression. It runs in my family. My mom suffered horribly through the years. For all the stigma attached to people with brain illnesses and the medications used to treat them, it’s one of the biggest decisions in someone’s life to go on meds. No one wants to do it. You usually need to be in desperately bad shape before you submit.” 

Along life’s journey, Kile saw how his mother’s perspective changed when she received the help she needed.  

“I remember how she described when she  finally went on meds,” he adds. “She called it  ‘an awakening’. Suddenly she had new creativity, energy, health. That language stuck with me -- ‘an awakening.’ It was the way you’d describe a religious conversion. There was something compelling to me about that, the combination of modern psychological medication with religious language, and I tried to write the song from that paradox. ‘The message in the wires in my mind, this dirt and spit - drop the scales from my eyes’.

However, the songwriter, who is set to release debut solo album These Things Are Being Gathered for the Fire in April, sees the song’s meaning with a certain flexibility too.  

“That’s sort of the narrow, specific way of interpreting it,” Kile admits. “I can also see it in a more universal sense. It’s about what heals you, what fixes the damage, orders the chaos. It’s about not waiting for the next world. It’s here, it’s now, this world is the next world.” 

“My Medicine” marks the 5th single from These Things Are Being Gathered for the Fire. Kile performed nearly every instrument on the LP, which has boasted four other riveting singles in its extended rollout: “Buddy Holly/Seazons,” “Holy Ghost,” “Nightbird,” and January’s “Witness”.  Kile tackles themes of innocence, guilt, love, and creation, often leaning on religious metaphor and language. While it’s all heady stuff, Kile doesn’t want the listener to get bogged down in the details -- especially when it pertains to a person’s medicine of choice.  

“All that said,” Kile says with a laugh, “I am also totally satisfied with the song being interpreted as a weed anthem.”

Hit the private link up top to preview “My Medicine.” Direct all press inquiries to Tim Kile at timkile@gmail.com or Michael Marotta at michael@publisist.co.

‘My Medicine’ single artwork:

Design: Casey Galfas


Tim Kile bio:

Tim Kile is a recording artist based in Austin, Texas. A co-founding member of Grammy Award winners Arcade Fire and  Columbia Records' Wild Light, Kile has released music and toured worldwide in support of bands such as The Killers, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, MGMT, The Wallflowers, and Doves.

With the release of his debut solo album These Things Are Being Gathered for the Fire later in the year, Kile is prepared to greet both new and long-standing fans with his richest work yet. 

Evoking the sweeping romanticism of The Cure and early U2, the incandescent musical sophistication of Elliott Smith, and the lyrical sensitivity of a young Nick Cave or Conor Oberst, Kile’s compositions entrance and intrigue, bringing the listener back for listen after listen. 

Classically trained on piano and voice, self-taught on guitar and bass, Kile performs most of the instruments on his recordings. These Things Are Being Gathered for the Fire is slated for release in Spring 2021, preceded by a run of singles.


Press contact: Tim Kile at: timkile@gmail.com or Michael Marotta at michael@publisist.co.