Tequila Sirens chase ‘Fast Clouds’ 

The psych-pop project from multi-instrumentalist and producer Shaun Curran releases sophomore EP on March 19 


Following the singles ‘You’re Gonna Face Somebody’ and ‘PVD 6/20’



Somerville, Mass. -- There’s a moment in “You’re Gonna Face Somebody,” the new single from Somerville and Providence-based psych-pop project Tequila Sirens, where you just fucking feel it. You feel the exhale, you feel the release of tension, you feel the weight of the modern world lifted off songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Shaun Curran’s metaphorical shoulders and blown right out of the speakers. 

We’d call it exuberant, if only it wasn’t so damn necessary. 

There’s a golden magnetism to “You’re Gonna Face Somebody,” with its brash rock and roll swagger and weathered, lived-in feel, that sets a tone for the remarkable EP to follow. 

It’s called Fast Clouds, set for release March 19 on all major streaming platforms, and it’s a swirling record doused in the troubled minds of society’s fallen concerns, a collection of psychedelic, folk, and garage rock songs whose themes of pandemic paranoia, isolation, and skepticism run as rampant as the days. 

The EP features the aforementioned “You’re Gonna Face Somebody,” and this month’s psych-folk single “PVD 6/20”, it’s moniker inspired by Curran’s new home city and the date he arrived. The reflective track further enhances the dynamics of Tequila Sirens’ Fast Clouds EP; it’s a solo project by name only, as the artist finds himself surrounded by friends, family, and collaborators on this gritty batch of new material -- everyone from former Soft Pyramids bandmates to Boston music scene veterans (Sarah Borges, Jim Leonard, and others) to his wife, Marisa Curran.    

“Tequila Sirens was supposed to be a band but we went into lockdown,” Curran says. “My favorite part of making music is the collaboration, and people were very generous with their time and talent.”

The Fast Clouds EP was engineered and mixed by Curran at Napoleon Complex in Somerville, MA, and Pugilist Recording in Providence, RI, beginning in June of last year and completing this past January. It was mastered by Curran’s former Soft Pyramids collaborator Dwight Hutchenson. 

Elsewhere across the genre-defying EP’s five compositions, the title track leans in on hypnotic pop and R&B that’s almost daydream-like in aural texture, where the confessional and yearning “The Underground” soars through towering avenues of prog and soft rock. The EP closes with a buzzing cover of Dwight Twilley’s lost ‘70s power-pop nugget "Looking For The Magic," which pulls the listener right into Curran’s close personal circle. 

And it’s a title, and selection, the listener is very much allowed to read into. 

Curran’s world is all his own, and these compositions are a window into not only his musical creativity and songwriting acumen, but also into his own nocturnal existence. He resides where days fade to nights and back into days without much change beyond the shade density through the blinds, calendars turning a strobe light’s pace one week and then a snail’s crawl the next. He exists from a distance; breathing in the underground and enduring nights spent watching Netflix’s lineup of True Crime docs. Sometimes it shakes out differently. Sometimes he finds himself out in the wild.   

“A killer voice that is just gruff enough to have the necessary 'grit' but not too pretty to lose me. Where have you been, Tequila Sirens? 

I have needed you so…” 

-- Blood Makes Noise


The music of Tequila Sirens has been heard on:

WZBC’s Virtual Detention; Salem State Radio’s Everything You Know Is Wrong; Boston Emissions with Anngelle WoodBay State Rock, WMPG in Portland, ME; BumbleBee Radio; Oh Hello Boston; Mark Skin Radio; WMFO’s Rising With Skybar, and other fine radio stations and programs.

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Tequila Sirens collaborators on the ‘Fast Clouds’ EP:

Dwight Hutchenson, Dave Brophy, Paul Poremski, Marisa Curran, Rich Lynch, Mike Greenstein, Jim Leonard, Sarah Borges, Tyler Jackson, Matthew Glover


Tequila Sirens press photo:

Photo Credits: Marisa Curran


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