Dutch Tulips present ‘Tell Me Your Codes’

The Boston band decodes satisfaction in its raucous single out March 19


 ‘Tell Me Your Codes’ lands March 19 -- the latest from forthcoming debut album ‘Double Visions’


BOSTON, MASS.  -- As anyone from Allston to Amsterdamn could tell you, we’re about to enter peak tulips season, that wonderful time in April when spring, life, and the flowers around us are all in full bloom. For Dutch Tulips, the next several weeks suggest their peak zone as well; the Boston alt-rock and indie-pop band is set to release a new single March 19 titled “Tell Me Your Codes,” and it marks the third and latest offering from debut album Double Visions, out April 23.    

Much like the band’s two previous singles released earlier this year -- January’s “Pez Mansion” and February’s “Sick Middle” -- the raucous “Tell Me Your Codes” continues to shape Dutch Tulips as one of the region’s most exciting bands. Explosive where it needs to be, tender where it deserves to be, the lead track off Double Visions is an upbeat guitar-rock tune swirling around an infectious brand of sing-along pop. And it bloomed very organically. 

“One thing to note about a lot of the songs on the album, including ‘Tell Me Your Codes,’ is they mostly started from a very small idea and then we just expand on it together until it becomes a song,” says Dutch Tulips drummer Matt Freake. 

In this case, that idea, like a lot of great songs, started with a simple chord progression. 

“Mike [Holland, bassist] wanted the rolled back volume, percussive dual guitar intro and volume swell to represent the start of the album similar to how horns would be played to announce the entrance of a dignitary,” says guitarist Justin Mantell. “In practice it sounded great, but explaining this detail might seem crazy now. I guess the idea of feeling weird about divulging how we came to start ‘Codes’ is exactly what Double Visions is all about. At any rate, ‘Codes’ definitely sets up what's to come, as a quick and deceptively simple guitar-rock opening track.”

Mike Holland agrees, adding: “‘Codes’ started as the verse riff on guitar, and Justin had a second riff that went with it,  but the second part didn’t end up fitting with the song. I still really liked how the ‘B section’ chords felt as a contrast to the verse though, so that second part turned into the ‘royal trumpets’ announcing the beginning of the song and ultimately the album.”

Mantell then  came up with the background vocal hook while busy doing something else. “I remember him sending us a voice memo of it, a cappella, after having it pop into his head while dreaming or mowing the lawn or something,” Freake adds. 

The title of the song may or may not have already been floating around in the Dutch Tulips creative ether, but Mantell’s vocal hook combined with some early riffage allowed the song to take on its lively nature. 

“We may have had the title... it may have been just a working title at the time, but the cadence of Justin's melody reminded me of morse code so I think I suggested just singing it as ‘doo-doo's’ and then I was all psyched to start playing with the concept of ‘codes’ and the ways it was charged for me personally,” says guitarist and vocalist Jack Holland. “I think the song came from this place of feeling like nothing moves me. I was wanting to decode satisfaction and realized I was wishing people would level with each other more. Wishing I could, too. Like, what do you really care about? Want? Need? And additionally, do you give a fuck about what other people care about, want, and need? Are you prepared to try to understand? That’s why it’s at the top of the record…  it’s an invitation to connect and a challenge to do something that feels risky.”

In 2021, being a band that relies on guitars is risky enough. But Dutch Tulips aren’t your average band churning out some ultra-hooky, grimey rock and roll that pops into your head and refuses to ever leave. Their sound is tough to pin down in ready-made genre categories; though with repeated listens to Double Visions, including this upcoming single and the two that are currently circulating in the digital wild, their sound can ultimately be described as sounding like Dutch Tulips. If your entry into the musical world of Dutch Tulips is “Tell Me Your Codes”, then you’ve caught the band in the right season. 

“Codes can mean so many things… it brings to mind rules and expectations, covert communications, even war and nuclear threat,” Jack Holland adds. “We wanted to crack into all of that. Now more than ever, people need to figure out the social contract and before you can communicate -- you need to know how you feel. In our culture the loudest messages are reliably the most vapid. We would love to interrupt that trend.”  

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Dutch Tulips are:

Jack Holland - Guitar / Lead Vocals

Michael Holland - Bass / Vocals

Justin Mantell - Guitar / Synth / Vocals

Matt Freake - Drums / Vocals


Dutch Tulips short bio:

Dutch Tulips are a grimey, pop, rock & roll band from Boston, MA. Started by friends looking to make music they were passionate about, Dutch Tulips have felt compelled to address themes of mental health and isolation since their onset. Layering these ideas amongst approachable pop songs that are dancing on the edge of being too weird is their specialty. The Tulips recorded their first full length record in February 2020, and is set for release April 2021.


The music of Dutch Tulips has been heard on:

WZBC’s Virtual Detention; Salem State Radio’s Everything You Know Is Wrong; Boston Emissions with Anngelle WoodBay State Rock, BumbleBee Radio with Kristen Eck; Mark Skin Radio’s Christian’s Cosmic Corner; WMFO’s Rising With Skybar; Hanks Alternative Radio; indie617, and elsewhere.  


Media praise for Dutch Tulips:

“Jangle-pop smarts dancing around a fidgety bloom of guitar hooks."_Vanyaland

"Infectious and fun fuzzy jangle rock." _The Deli

"Electrical and elevating."_Turn Up the Volume

"A vivacious, effervescent tune with high energy melodies and an easy going vibe that will put you in a good mood almost instantaneously." _MusicBoxPete

"...earnest, straightforward and totally infectious especially if you listen to it while holding a beer." _American Pancake


Media contact and all press/radio inquiries: michael@publisist.coor contact@ilovedutchtulips.com